Myah Marie has been singing since the tender age of 2 years old and writing songs since she was 8.

Myah’s innate abilities blossomed when she was predisposed to pick up the pen shortly thereafter: “My dad kicked me out when I was 16 after I threw a huge party, and all I had at my friend’s house was my little MacBook. I discovered Garage Band and wrote this dramatic song and put it on MySpace,” she says. An overwhelmingly positive reception of her work by a burgeoning online music community became an epic turning point in her career.

Myah was contacted by a representative for a dynamic duo of producers, lyricists, and fraternal twin brothers, Bennett and Justyn Armstrong, and began collaborating with them. While still in pursuit of the unique sound she envisioned, she moved to Las Vegas briefly to sing over dance tracks, where she shared a house with then-budding EDM wünderkind, Avicii. Myah moved back to Los Angeles, temporarily moonlighting as a background vocalist and demo artist while focusing on her songwriting.

Myah’s passionate, creative and ambitious spirit, coupled with her magical melodicism and potent lyrical prowess, culminate in a firestorm of ferocious pen-game. Her esteemed credentials include having co-written the song ‘Body Ache’ on Britney Spears’ eighth studio album “Britney Jean,” and Havana Brown’s “Whatever We Want,” having achieved number one most added track on Australian radio in 2014. She’s also co-written Lil Wayne’s single “Start a Fire” featuring Christina Milian, performed live at the 2014 American Music Awards.